MSCF x Globetrotting Stiletto Hot List #5


With this week’s hot list we’re finding the box…and we’re stepping out of it. Forget the old and expected way of working out, telling time or wearing sandals. We’ve got a handful of upgrades to take your dailies to the next level of chic. Check out these new trending inspirations that are going to put a twist on how you do things.



Milly Spring 2015 via

A quick browse through the NYFW SS 15 collections saw more sheer skirts than we cared to count – the result of a running ballet-inspired theme for the season. This week the dance style made headlines when RACKED.COM interviewed former ballerina Mary Helen Bowers (pictured above) on how she turned ballet into a “fitness frenzy.” Bowers runs a ballet-inspired fitness studio called BALLET BEAUTIFUL in Soho, NYC, that boasts big name patrons like actresses Liv Tyler and Kirsten Dunst, and models Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge and Doutzen Kroes. Did we mention she trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan? Whether you incorporate something ballet-inspired into your fashion, fitness, or even attend a show by the NYC BALLET – whose season officially starts Sept. 23rd – is completely optional. But the elegant and sophisticated performance art may provide a nice change of pace if you stumble into a Fall rut.


Apple Watch

apple watch white gold The almighty Apple Watch (from $349) has landed to fast-forward us out of obscurity and into the future – hands free. At least that’s what it has felt like with all the hoopla Apple’s latest advancement in wearable tech has created in the past week. And unlike GOOGLE GLASS (whose wearers have unintentionally provoked bar rumbles and the equally hostile nickname “Glassholes”), the Apple Watch is getting good RECEPTION. Some of the features include displaying calls, texts, calendar notifications, taking photos, navigation, and sending your heartbeat to a friend’s AW (which is not at all weird and useless). Fortunately, the smart watch’s design is not as random as its functions. In true Apple fashion, the body is sleek and minimal, while the bands are interchangeable. It comes out early 2015. For a full review of it now, visit CNET.

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Transitional Fashion: The “Halfway Crook”


Transitional fashion is one of the biggest cons when it comes to seasonal wardrobes. Borrowing pieces from the two most temperate seasons of the year (spring and fall) and pairing them pieces from the two most extreme (summer and winter) – i.e if the weather cools you layer on a light jacket over your tank; when it warms you lose the cardigan and leave on your tee – is the mathematics of adaptive dressing. Much like the same way I imagine we used to necessitate the growth of extra body hair when we were cavewomen and men. And I doubt they called that new layer of back hair their “transitional coats.” So why dress up the simple task of adding or subtracting a layer?

Because fashion is a science built around particle separation: coats into pea, down and blanket; boots into chelsea, combat and riding; blue into baby, periwinkle and cobalt. So it makes sense that the post-Labor Day, pre-Autumnal Equinox have its own dress code. But I think transitional fashion needs to transition out of an idea to recombine articles we already wear into selective hybrid clothing – many of which only really even makes sense when the weather is in flux, like the sleeveless turtleneck sweater. Why else could it exist?

So if transitional fashion is inevitable – and the endless how-to articles flooding the internets every time mother nature has an identity crisis says it is – then it’s due for a costume change. Here are 5 styles that were really meant to arm (and leg) us against the fluxing temperatures, and would otherwise be kind of useless most of the time. (Bonus points if you wear them all together.)
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MSCF x Globetrotting Stiletto Hot List #4


Unsurprisingly, there was a Mercedes Benz Fashion Week takeover on this week’s hot list, when more photos of America’s coolest young designer’s upcoming collaboration surface; street style trends put old and new it-items in the spotlight; and one fashion capital becomes a hotspot for a popular Instagram travel account right before its fashion week later this month. Check them all out below!

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Instagram’s #NYFW Basically Turned My Brain into Buzzfeed

Even if you never left your computer, kept GrubHub on e-dial and a self-emptying bed pan by your side (Google makes those now, right?), it still would be near impossible to keep up with the heel storm of every fashion week show without getting rundown. And if you’re actually attending, then just go ahead and put the heel print on your own back.

Navigating the coverage isn’t easy either, thanks to an online bazaar of sites trying to solicit clicks from browsers to read their review of designer X’s runway show. So we always end up at Harper’s Bazaar or and the handful or so of other fashion bibles because no one actually goes past the second page of internet search results. For all we know pages 3 through 4,748 are completely blank.
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MSCF x Globetrotting Stiletto Hot List #3


This week it’s the little things that count when a few accessories and…um, one big asset are becoming everyone’s priority right before New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 kicks off. From the color that has made fashion’s to-do list to a fairly young bag brand that’s got everyone wrapped around it’s straps, check out what’s been trending this week.

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Help Me, I’m Poor: Your Bank Account at the End of Summer

Should there or shouldn’t there be an end of summer support group? Forget transitioning your fashion into fall. It could cover transitioning your bank account out of empty and into full.

The group leader would probably suggest returning some impulse purchases and having a few quiet weekends in, by candlelight if you spent the light bill money by accident. “Accident.” Or if you can’t bring yourself to part with any recent buys, become a culinary expert in cooking le hotdog.

Regardless of what advice we’d take for le problem of being le broke, now that summer has (un)officially wrapped and we’re starting to count what’s left of our coins, what we come up with is very telling of, not only the packs of hotdogs we’ll need in September, but how much fun we had in the sunny season.

Do you need a pat on the back for exercising soo much restraint, or do you need an emergency wire transfer and a one way ticket to Mexico? To help you figure it out, I offer you the below table.

end of summer

MSCF x Globetrotting Stiletto Hot List #2

HOT-LIST-2-SOURCE-JUICE-QBRACELET-2What’s that saying in fashion, “three’s a trend.” Well turns out it holds true for food, beauty, travel and tech too. Every week there’s a whole new hot list of covetable items that have everyone talking (and shopping). So every week I’ll be partnering with to report on all the buzziest, pieces, products and places popping up in everyone’s feeds, photos and conversations.

The IT items that made this week’s round up have one thing in common: The elite are ALL over them.
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Make Way For The Badass

nicole richie baseball

Which came first: the virgin or the slut?

It’s a question that can easily sum up the general perspective on female identity through the ages. Except no one really asks or answers, just waits to see whether a woman reaches for the bodycon or the babydoll dress.

Despite the endless supply of wardrobe choices – like the fact a sleeveless top and a tank top are not even the same things – the bulk of women’s fashion still folds down neatly into sexy or sweet. And if it doesn’t, then it’s probably not the woman’s at all.

The obvious conflict is women are no more two-dimensional than men, who are rarely simplified down to nice guys and bad boys, and which I imagine would look like dockers versus denim. The not-so-obvious conflict is pushing sexy and sweet to the far sides of the closet to identify and make room for so many other dimensions of female fashion, like badass.
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