Let Your Soul Glow And The Stain Grow: Mastering Hair Oils

Photography by Glenford Nunez

In the past months I’ve gotten more obsessed with finding and perfecting beauty regimens. My main focus until recently was hair. I’ve been incorporating a lot of oils into my hair care and I’ve had to do a fair amount of experimenting. Like when I thought to research the hair benefits of garlic and found out it contains tons of essential elements that are highly beneficial for hair growth. I mashed a few cloves, soaked them in hot castor oil, and let the mix sit in my hair overnight. I’m not sure if it did much more than make my head smell like General Tso’s Chicken though. Most of it washed out but I haven’t tried it again.

The worst had to be when I paired a hot castor oil treatment with a wash using a cream cleanser and conditioner infused with olive oil. Big mistake. The ratio of moisturizing ingredients to detergent (the cleaning property that is in all soaps, including shampoo) was literally non existent. So even after the wash my hair was still saturated with oil. I didn’t realize how bad it really was until I saw the stain on my headboard. My sister copied this regimen that same day and did use a detergent rich shampoo. But she overdid it moisturizing her scalp with olive oil after the wash. She soaked through 1 headscarf, 2 t-shirts and developed an allergic rash. We were the real life Jenks from Coming to America.

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All White And All Wrong

zara white lace up side top 3

Top via Zara

Whenever I buy a few new pieces I have a habit of going into my whole collection of things — whether it’s clothes, shoes, jewelry or whatever — and reassessing the stock, which includes, but is not limited to, unfolding and refolding, trying things on, paring looks up, etc. It reads like this whole illicit affair where clothes are the contraband and I’m the mastermind standing over the pile, smoking a cigarette (I don’t smoke) and nodding my head like ‘good job, but do better’ in a foreign accent.

When I did it this season, surprisingly, 70% of everything I’m wearing now is white. The other 30%: black, gray and blue. It’s like my emotional range…if it were hanging on a rack. (That’s open for interpretation.) is it a problem? I guess not since I’m over three. However, repeatedly seeing a woman dressed in all white might be a problem for seniors over 75 living in the area. “Dear Rose, it’s not your time, it’s just me again on my way to dinner.”

Opus Posthumous Orchestra and Some Opus Obsessive Thoughts

CREDIT Jito Lee - Leon Botstein and the ASO at Carnegie Hall Feb 26 2015 - 12

Image Credit: Jito Lee

I think classical music is one of those few treasures we’ve held on to as a civilization to remind us that we’re capable of great artistic expression — greater than making sarcastic emojis with nothing but keyboard special characters \(o_o)/  So when I got the chance to attend the American Symphony Orchestra concert of Opus Posthumous, featuring symphonies that were not discovered until after the deaths of their 3 celebrated composers on Thursday, March 26, I jumped at it.

The concept of the concert, “opus posthumous,” got me thinking about all the things I wouldn’t want anyone to find after I’m gone. Here’s what I came up with set to the dramatic score of FRANZ SCHUBERT’s Overture from Claudine von Villa Bella, ANTON BRUCKNER’s Symphony No. 00and ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK Symphony No. 1 (my favorite of all 3).

Things I wouldn’t want anyone to discover after I’m gone:

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The Bathroom: A Shared Story of Struggle


Pictured: Charlotte Di Calypso, Jade Jackson

Need to pee? Why wait? Someone’s in the bathroom, that’s why.

There are lots of things in this life that are worth waiting for: the right guy/girl, 8-10 business days for shipping, the time it takes for your bangs to grow out, but not the bathroom. I hate waiting for the bathroom.

The bathroom is like a private oasis, the porcelain palace – when you live alone. But when you live with other people or have guests or are in a hostel, it’s an outhouse. It’s a public restroom in a private residence. Every trip is like a hostage situation: get in, resolve the situation with minimal property damage, make sure not too much time gets killed, and get out. But when there’s a line for the bathroom even swat needs a strategy.

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My So Called Advice: Hump Day Hunting


Roksanda Fall 2015

Being ‘stuck in the middle’ never seems to work out well for anyone. No one wants the middle airplane seat, which means armrest-wrestling and staring past noses for an entire flight. Every love triangle I’ve ever seen on a daytime talk show ended in tears. And I once got stuck between a rock and a hard place and it took me forever to figure out what I wanted off the menu. Now that it’s Hump Day, sorting out the existential crisis about whether to lament that only 2 weekdays have passed or celebrate that only 2 are left, is not how I recommend you spend the better part of your Wednesday. Instead, shop a half off sale. Now that Kate Spade Saturday is going out of biz, they’ve slashed prices on all their goods by 40%, while other retailers like MangoZara and Loft are still offering up items from their end of season sales at 50% off or more. Happy Hump Day hunting.


Culottes: Back for Your Viewing (And Maybe Wearing) Pleasure


Thanks to runways like Victoria Beckham, Tibi, Alexander Wang and Rachel Comey, culottes are happening again, and this time they Won’t. Be. Ignored.

It’s anyone’s guess on what name the press will give the runaway trend of fall 2015 — maybe gaucho to reclaim its ironically homely beginnings or a headline friendly mnemonic like truncated trousers. The more important thing here, though, is that no one knows how to wear them.

There’s a lot more than just half shaved legs hidden up those heliumed hemlines. There’s also fear. What body type does it fit? Where on the leg should they stop? If it’s paired with plaid is that technically appropriating cholo swag?

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6 Ways to Layer the Turtleneck According to NYFW


Turtlenecks aren’t everyone’s favorite thing to wear. Your shoulders look like they’re giving birth to your head, and your neck starts sweating in any room warmer than 60 degrees like you’re always hiding something. But, it’s a cold weather staple, and a few designers embraced the style last fall turning it into a micro trend. This season, however, turtlenecks showed up in almost every fall 2015 collection. Most designers didn’t style one and done. The high knit necks were layered under other pieces that leveraged the t-neck’s historical dorkiness so much they would make Howard Wolowitz look like a sartorial savant. Here’s a brief lesson in layering the turtleneck for 2015 according to this season’s NYFW runways using Topshop’s ribbed polo turtleneck. Click the pic to purchase the additional layers.

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Josie Natori Fall 2015: Cooler than the Ramen Burger


Hard to believe but cooler things than the Ramen Burger have happened when east meets west. For one the Josie Natori fall 2015 collection, which was inspired by Istanbul. The city is a rich, historic crossroads. But, runway history recommends keep the story simple, embellish the details.

Dries van Noten’s spring 2014 rtw used Byzantine gold and Ottoman tassels. Naeem Khan’s Byzantine-inspired fall 2013 rtw collection featured gold Ottoman embroidery. And Istanbul was the inspiration behind the jewel tones in Narciso Rodriguez’s fall 2012 capsule for Kohl’s DesigNation incubator.

Josie Natori’s story was eastern art and culture woven into western glamour. The details were in the textured layers. There was a crepe trouser under a wool weave coat and fringe wrap, a hammered gold belt around a cashmere knit wrap and jacquard tulip skirt, and an embroidered turtleneck gown.

The luxe layers didn’t point to the collection’s origin directly, but the extra long fez hats sitting on the models’ gold leaf hairstyles did.

Timo Weiland Women’s Fall 2015 and the Cyclops


My severe eye irritation, this morning’s packed train ride, the in-car fight that prompted a police response, and the panicked walk from 7th to 11th Ave through NYC’s routine construction zones faded to background noise compared to Timo Weiland’s chill stitch for fall 2015 – 90s chill.

No need to let out an exhaustive sigh from fashion designers sourcing 90s nostalgia ad nauseum. The grunge Doc Martens, maxi skirts, chunky knit beanies and berry lips were more of a talking point, not the whole conversation. The real conversation was comfort – which normcore has taught us there’s a greater market for than fashion gives credit. Even as a Cyclops I can see that.

Wedging itself in the crack between mom jeans and a poplin shirt, Timo Weiland struck a cool balance with a striped, off-the-shoulder sweater dress sandwiched between fringes in the beauty look and in the hem of the skirt layered under. There was a vertical striped button-up shirt dress and striped wide pants combo that I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to wear for a night in or a day out because — spoiler alert — it’s perfect for both.

The brand has a real talent for treading those kinds of lines.

Dear New York, I’m Sorry. I Can’t. Don’t Hate Me.


Dear New York City,

I love you. I love you so much I practically hate you. And “girls only say ‘hate you’ to the [one] that they love” – Big Sean. But I feel like I don’t even know you anymore.

All those times I used to get ready to go out nights with you and I’d wait for one of your trains to pick me up. You said it’d be there in 5 minutes, but it was 10 minutes late and you didn’t even give me a sign. And instead of getting your act together you got me a Citi Bike. A Citi Bike? You want me to pay to ride around on a bunch of frail metal pipes and play chicken in rush hour traffic with yellow taxis? Who do you think you are? San Francisco?

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