What to Wear to Work Tomorrow Courtesy the Kardashians


Work is the weekend’s waiting room. You literally live there until Saturday. Home is just a storage unit for clean underwear – and clothes, because there are only a handful of jobs that let you work with your “junk” out.

I’ve never followed “what to wear to work tomorrow” shopping guides because, 1. it says tomorrow but actually reads 8 – 10 days from tomorrow because that’s how long shipping takes; and 2. because I dress more by mood and level of fatigue than anything else. So with the help of America’s most famous working women, the Kardashians, here is the only W2W2WT guide you’ll ever need to ride that Monday through Friday emotional roller coaster in style.

Before Instagram There Was Imagination


We edit memories more than we do pictures. That makes imagination the first photo editor. We add a special glow to highlight our favorite reels or soften the painful ones. And we opt to view some things completely in black and white. So all the articles blaming Instagram for eroding our self-worth warrant a little revisionist history since we’ve been doing the same thing since we could color.

As a kid, you imagined your mom, but you drew a head with arms and legs coming out of its chin, and you were probably disappointed with that anatomically incorrect human. Years later, imagination was the culprit when you thought you’d blossom in high school, but spent 4 years feeling like a mutant. And I don’t need a head count of how many landed their ideal job only to discover it was a battle for our soul on middle earth and the only defense against absolute boredom was to staple our eyelids open to a cubicle wall.

I’d just admire my Christian Lacroix note cards, which I bought instead of sending a “Hello” email because that would’ve been way too simple. (And if I could get Christian Lacroix to personally hand deliver it wrapped in tulle and tied to the back of a kitten, I damn sure would too.)

The road to hell on earth is paved with good imagination.

But what’s the alternative — no imagination? I’d rather ride shotgun in Kanye’s man cleavage transcribing his rants all day. We got our gluten under control without even knowing what it is, we should definitely be able to put our creative thinking on a diet and rein in our mental lunacy within reason.

Conveniently, all the same things that apply to a food diet apply to a mental diet. Like less daydreaming and more night dreaming because the more rested we are the more energized and productive we can be about accomplishing goals instead of just fantasizing about them. Or going outside and being more active, which keeps our mind from idly imagining how happier we should be. I imagine that’s suppose to like the people in one of those famous beach vollyball herpes commercials…and the beach is in the Hamptons.

By that logic, the road to heaven on earth is paved with good imagination and even better action.

MSCF x Globetrotting Stiletto Hot List #9


This day and age is all about celebrating the individual, whether we’re turning the camera on our self-ies, documenting our daily exploits via blogs, or meditating to center ourselves. This week’s HOT LIST is on trend with this existential exploration, and really puts the “I” in individual with a roundup that’s all about personality and personal milestones. That includes one supermodel who’s cashing in on her quirkiness, two reasons for women to put themselves first, and more. Check ‘em out!




CARA DELEVINGNE has gone from supermodel to pop culture icon to designer – or more specifically a DKNY designer. She created a 15-piece capsule collection for the brand, which she made headlines PROMOTING this past Saturday, October 11th. Of course she didn’t simply host some ho-hum in-store event and selfie through it. True to form – that showed off her abs in a bralet, blazer and matching track pants, and signature beanie – she stood on top of the famous 59th street Bloomingdales sign in New York City in the rain holding up a yellow, 3D sign that read #CaraD4DKNY. The line launched Wednesday, October 15th, and is available at DKNY stores, DKNY.COM, NET-A-PORTER, SELFRIDGES, HARRODS and HARVEY NICHOLS. So if you ID with Cara D’s urban, edgy and cheeky personal sense of style, head to one of these retailers for one of her personality pieces.



What’s big and round and stylish all over? Celebrity BABY BUMPS. Zoe Saldana, Mila Kunis, Blake Lively, Miroslava Duma, Eva Chen, Kate Middleton, Kelly Rowland, and Alicia Keys are just a few famous women who are expecting, and the list goes on. But where are we going with this? Not a declaration on how it’s tots fashionable to be with child right now (even though it is), so you should go put on some vintage Beyonce and get “DRUNK IN LOVE.” This is just an FYI on what’s happening in Hollywood and fashion. What you choose to do with the information is all up to you.


Tees by Tina Micro Stripe Maxi worn by Zoe Saldana



First, what it is: AYURVEDIC medicine is a form of alternative medicine native to India. It aims to re-establish “balance in the body through diet, lifestyle, exercise, and body cleansing, and on the health of the mind, body, and spirit.” When it became a thing: It’s grown in popularity over the past ten years thanks in part to the famous DEEPAK CHOPRA, M.D. who combines it with western medicine. And why you should care about it now: Not only is the Indian state Kerala getting its own Ayurveda University soon to cultivate the increasingly popular system of medicine, it’s popping up more and more in the mainstream VOCABULARY for being a beauty solution, of course, in everything from BRIDAL PREP to skincare routines to DIETING. If holistic beauty is your preferred method to preserving your pretty, or you’re just a beauty junkie looking for your next fix, jump on the trend.

For the full list visit Globetrottingstiletto.com.

Grey Matters When You’re Captain Underpants





Left Coast marled sweatpants c/o Marshalls (shop similar here, here and here)

A few years ago I’d stopped wearing jeans, especially during the cold weather (the irony right?) because they irritated my skin so badly. Well, itchy legs are probably the best thing that happened to my style since I started picking out my own clothes in 3rd grade because it really forced me to broaden my bottoms. Enter sweats. Sweatpants are the closest you’re gonna come to wearing your underpants on the outside (without the towel around your shoulders), and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why. I get them in grey to really show off the fact I’m rocking sweats (but black when I wanna cheat trousers!). Either way, I love dressing them up, especially with contrast constructions like a crisp collar shirt to add tailoring.

In closing, sweatpants: the sweater for your legs.

MSCF x Globetrotting Stiletto Hot List #8


If this were a political election we’d be looking out for an ‘October surprise.’ But the trends we’re casting our votes for in fashion, food, beauty, and travel this week are anything but eyebrow-raising. There’s a whole HOT LIST of old favorites with new additions that are waiting to welcome you back with open arms. The only real surprise is that we ever underestimated our favorite breakfast food or overlooked the fabric that’s been a saving grace in fashion before we ever knew its name. Don’t be shy. Show these classics some love the next time you’re shopping.

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Let’s Pick a Halloween Costume…But Not Try That Hard

lazy halloween-bat-wings-model-bat-drawing-2

Everyday is Halloween in New York, and not because pink hair and nose piercings are abound in this Gotham. It’s because establishing your career is a suspense thriller, dating is a psychological thriller, and rent is the big bad boogieman under your bed — the only thing you’ll have left if you can’t pay it. So when October 31st finally creeps around, it’s less about haunting houses and more about flaunting it downtown.

I can vaguely remember going out in NYC a few Halloweens, and they might not even be Halloweens at all. Those might have been New Years Eves, which says a lot about my NYEs, unfortunately, if I can mix them up with the scariest night of the year. But, assuming my previous Halloweens spent stalking the city were forgotten because they were forgettable — and not because I wanted to un-see whatever I saw or because of a calcium deficiency from my advancing age — I want to put a little more effort into having a memorable, monster night out this year, starting with the costume.

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MSCF x Globetrotting Stiletto Hot List #7


This week’s HOT LIST has a soundtrack and it’s Charles Wright’s 1971 hit Express Yourself. Of course, we wouldn’t expect GLOBETROTTERS to wear anything or do anything that wasn’t all their own style, but some modes and movements tend to make a little more noise than others. We don’t know about you, but we’re women who are all for making a little (or a lot) of noise, whether it’s with flare in the details, fighting for our rights, or trying on a different moda operandi in French. So “gon an’ do it, express yourself” with our picks for this weeks’ hot list.

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Don’t Fall for Boots Just Yet


Yea, yea, yea, Fall. Boots. Amazing. You can’t troll the internet right now without tripping over at least a dozen fall boot shopping guides – short ones, tall ones. Leather ones, pleather ones. But I’m not ready for boots. And this has nothing to do with being in denial about the cold weather coming on, like that one year I wore ripped jeans and a tweed blazer all through winter because I didn’t believe in coats or death and illness. This opt out is about options.

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MSCF x Globetrotting Stiletto Hot List #6


Last week I told you we were stepping out of the box. What usually comes next is anybody’s guess, but you can always expect the unexpected. Maybe that’s why this week’s HOT LIST is staying true to its name with the hottest trending topics featured yet. There’s a sweet but spicy palette pleaser, the most wanted stripes on Wall Street, and one country that proved it’s never too late to rewrite the rules. It wasn’t easy rounding up these rabble-rousers, so now that we’ve got them in one place, take a look through our line up to see which you’re taking home.
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A-musing: On Nude Photos

boob-t shirt

One of the most awing things to me about the celebrity nude photo leak hack — right after the bratty male entitlement to any female body even in the virtual realm (maybe especially in the virtual realm) and the complete inaction towards what I think we can officially consider a crime spree — is just how many celebrities do have nude photos on their computers.

And not just celebrities, but tweens and teens who make puberty look like a changing chamber — the same one that turned Steve Urkel into Stefan Urquelle — because they develop overnight and send the photographic evidence to their phonebook by morning. And to the defense of both the aforementioned groups, there are plenty of everyday, adult women (and men) who do the same. Which has me wondering if they’re the majority rather than the minority.
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